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Weed Control Programs: 

1st - Early Spring Pre-Emergent and Weed Control (January - March)

2nd - Late Spring Pre-Emergent and Weed Control (March - April)

3rd - 1st Fertilization and Weed Control (April - May)

4th - 2nd Fertilization and Weed Control (May - June)

5th - 3rd Fertilization and Weed Control (June - July)

6th - 4th Fertilization and Weed Control (July - August)

7th - Early Fall Pre-Emergent and Weed Control (September - November)

8th - Late Fall Pre Emergent and Weed Control (November - December)

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Pest Control Programs:

Perimeter Pest Control - This five application program creates an invisible barrier around the exterior of your home to control ants, spiders, crickets, scorpions, and more.

Aeration - This will allow oxygen and nutrients to better reach the root system of your lawn.

Flea and TickThis treatment can be applied as a preventative or rid your property of these harmful pests.

Grub Preventative - This treatment will prevent white grub worms, the most prevalent lawn pest in our state, from damaging your turf.

Mosquito Control - Our 8 treatment program will keep these pests at bay allowing you to enjoy being outdoors.