A Well Maintained Yard

Chasing that “Yard of the Month” sign?  We’ve got you covered.  You’ll have a team dedicated to keeping your lawn in pristine condition at all times. We provide year-round turf management services.  We’ll correct any existing issues and address emerging issues before they become problematic.  We offer maintenance services for gardening, lawn, and tree trimming. 

We develop a bloom schedule for your gardens and flowerbeds that ensures there will be flowers in bloom throughout the growing season.  These areas are often the most attention-grabbing feature that compliment the lawn and home, and are often difficult to keep looking good year-round. We’ll install the right products for the conditions and spacing at maturity, keep the area free of weeds, and trim back bushes and trees as well.

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We had a great experience with From The Ground Up. Jim was very prompt with every meeting and every project was done well and on time. Will be using them again and recommend them to anyone.

~ Cassie