Why do I need a design?

We are often asked why we recommend going through the design process on most landscape and construction projects.   Now, with over 20 years experience in designing, building, and maintaining our projects we thought it would be a good time to answer this question with a top ten list.

  1. It can help save you money-  Starting a landscape or construction project without an eye to the future could end up costing you money.  For example, say I would like to install a patio and have thrown around the idea of a future outdoor fireplace.  If I have a plan, I can go ahead and install the footing for the future fireplace along with the patio.  If I do not have a plan, I will have to pay the additional cost to remove part of the patio to install the footing for the fireplace.  Much is the same with construction in the way things are framed, wired, or plumbed for future changes or expansion.
  2. Everyone involved is on the same team- There is only one team involved in a design- build-maintenance company and that team has one goal -to meet or exceed the client’s expectations for their project.  When challenges are encountered there is no finger pointing, just a team that rolls up their sleeves to work on creative solutions.
  3. You are involved- From the formulation of the design to the installation, the design-build process is set up so that you (the customer) are involved in every step.  Not only does this give you the outcome you want with the satisfaction of achieving your goals, we have found that our clients also experience a greater sense of pride in the finished projects.
  4. There is a thorough site assessment- There are many things to consider when selecting a site for your project.  Most any home building or landscape projects not only affect the immediate area they also effect the surrounding ecosystem.  The design process includes assessing these impacts as well as the most efficient and cost saving options for the construction.
  5. The materials used will be of a higher quality- With a design in hand you can figure exact material measurements.  This information will allow the contractor to locate the necessary materials before construction begins.  Many high quality material options need to be ordered or custom made.  The differences in materials between a thrown together project and one that has been planned correctly can be huge.
  6. There is team collaboration- With the design-build process everyone is involved to see the client’s dreams come true.  The company will do all that it can to empower the client while guiding them through feasible options.
  7. More accurate time lines- When working with a designer and contractors individually you have to work with each of their time lines and any delays in responses to challenges.  When one company controls every aspect of the project there is time to consider the provided options on big decisions.  The team will make every effort to not take steps backwards with change orders or additional fees.  Any changes can be made during construction allowing minimal disruptions to time lines and budgets.
  8. One firm is accountable for everything- When looking at the time line, budget, and how the final product turns out there is only one company responsible.  A company who designs and builds a project will tend to pay more attention to those details.  The costs involved can be looked at during the design process so that there is less chance of big cost surprises.
  9. There are better budgeting and phasing options- A project that can be looked at from start to finish can be divided into pieces or phases.  This allows a client to take manageable steps toward a final product.  A client without a plan for the final product with spend more money, taking much longer to get there.
  10. There are no surprises with the final product- With a plan to work from there are no questions of what the final product will be.  Each size, material, and cost are laid out before work begins.

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Our family has worked with “From The Ground Up” for over 2 years now and their work has always been outstanding. We met with Jim to discuss laying sod in the front and back yard and creating a stone porch from scratch in our back yard. Through each step of the process he guided us through what he thought would look and work best, but also met our needs of what we were looking for. We could not have been more impressed with the quality and timeliness of the work. We now continue to use his company for regular lawn maintenance and his crew does a great job. I know we will use “From the Ground Up” for any future lawn upgrades/improvements!

~ Charles and Monica Coleman